The Legendary Adventurers

The tales about Maghvel tell of a team of heroes from ancient times. The trio traversed the world fighting evils of all kinds in the name of the gods. All of Maghvel knows their names, though many know not the many heroic deeds and services that they have preformed for the sake of all the living races. They are:

Saint Berrick (bear-ick)
The infallible and oathbound Paladin of Jhuru. He serves the gods in all that he does, never forgetting his oath even in the face of death.

Maximilian Polykov (straightforward)
The great and wise wizard. He has made countless bounds in the fields of magic and conjuration since his days as an adventurer, his fate was met by the first problem his mind could not solve, the threat of the terrible Nothic Curse.

Eadar. (ay-ah-dar)
The Druid of unmatched skill and devotion to nature. His ability as a guardian of nature makes all who venture into the forest watch their step for saplings for fear of evoking his wrath. He has faded into mystery as he has chosen to live out his days outside of society.

Together the three fought threats that even the gods feared. Their word can sway nations. Most of the world knows not of their whereabouts today and many even consider them to simply be legends. They are said to have unimaginable power for mortals and they are as feared by evil as they are respected by all the living races.

The Legendary Adventurers

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