“I heard it from Tsuon.” -Common phrase associated with a story or joke whose origin is unknown.

Tsuon is the god of Air and Freedom, Patron to travelers and minstrels.

Titles: The Wanderer/Traveller, Storyteller, Pilgrim, Stranger, God of Freedom.

Scope: Lord of air, storms, wind, Dragons, birds, heights, speed, freedom, roads, travelers, and messages.

Tsuon is less worshiped as he is simply acknowledged known. He has few if any devote followers or ritualists as he is addressed by peoples of every land as an everpresent being or a happy memory. He is worshiped by travelers and minstrels, those who spend their lives on the move, seeing new lands and sharing stories. It is said that he is present whenever a story is told or a song sung. It is also widely believed that he appears to travelers as a young minstrel, old hermit, traveling merchant or other random stranger that could be encountered on the road and if he is allowed to stay with whoever he approaches he will tell grandiose tales or clever quipps and lyric of stories that could not possibly be known. Tales of unsung heroes’ heroic sacrifices, of villains whose foolishness ended their plan before it could effect anyone, of champions of other planes and worlds away who could never be heard of. This practice is what leaves many travelers open to traveling with strangers among the roads of maghvel. He is regarded as an interesting stranger or an old forgotten friend and his affinity for stories birthed a phrase “I heard it from Tsuon” whenever the source of a story could not be recalled.

Tsuon is an excitable and sociable individual, often extending his presence and stories to any who will hear him. He is regarded as the easiest Deity to interact with but the hardest to find, as few will ever know that it was he they met and those that do find out long after he has left them.

Tsuon has followers but few are in churches or devout in ritual. His clerics are traveling Friars and minstrels leaving roadside shrines and aiding travelers in need while sharing the stories of the places and things they have seen. His Clerics fall under the Trickery or Tempest domains.

He is one of the Gods that takes an active role in the Commune.


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