Maximilian's Tower

The abode of the late Maximilian Polykov. The tower is a blatant testimony to his proficiency as a Conjurer. The walls of every floor house a series of doors with intricate doorframes laced with runes, each door can be manipulated from the great mechanism within the laboratory at the top of the tower to be made to lead to a great number of demiplane rooms created by Maximilian.

The tower’s great many mechanisms and defenses are powered by a massive and extremely powerful artifact of magical power called a Sigil Stone.

After his death and the destruction of a large chandelier-like mechanism within the lab of his tower his spirit, programmed into the sigil stone while he was alive, began to inhabit the tower and serve its new owner: Verlan Liuskara.

The tower is now home to a number of people that Verlan allows to stay there.

Maximilian's Tower

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