“He watches from the dark, every shadow, every night he looks out. Caring for those under his scope. Guarding them, unseen, from the darkness. Watching them and guiding them to light.”

Gotoh is the god of Shadows, Patron of the spurned.

Titles: The Lonley God, The Unseen, Dark Guide, Darkfather, God of Darkness.

Scope: Lord of darkness, stealth, thieves, low places, poor, ugly creatures, insects, exiles and isolation.

Gotoh is worshipped by those said to be “under his scope” Thieves, rogues, monsters, orphans, insects, exiles, the malformed, all those things that are considered unwanted, disgusting and unlikable. He watches all things from the dark, seeing those in darkness and never being seen, protecting them from harm and the eyes that will judge and hate them. He is said to be a quiet deity, guiding beings that never know he is there, rarely interacting with those who follow him and more rarely acting directly on their behalf.

There are few clerics if any that follow him, those that do are highly unconventional, scarcely acting pious or enacting ritual of any kind. They act to help the poor, deformed and debilitated, offering charity or favors without ever asking for reward. His Clerics fall under the Trickery domain.

He is one of the Gods who takes an active role in the Commune.


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