Commune (City)

The city of Commune is the most populated and arguably the most significant settlement in Maghvel.

Capital of Human society in Maghvel and Religious center for the entire continent, the city of Commune is populated by over one million Citizens hailing from every race in the world. The primary feature of the city is a great stone pillar called the Tower of Commune. The city is extremely populous and a hub for trade, study, religious pilgrimage and the home base of some of the worlds largest and most successful Adventuring Guilds.

Every year on a predetermined date leaders from all over Maghvel gather in the city for the Commune, the event for which the city was named. To many it is unknown how the event takes place but it is said that the gods themselves descend to offer counsel to the leaders of the world.

The city is Governed by the same Feudal process as the rest of the human settlements within the country, led by a High Chancellor who acts a religious and political leader for the city and all lands within its influence.

Commune (City)

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