“When creation was woven, Aark sought to leave his mark, to create something unforgettable. He took a piece of what made him and lit it ablaze, weaving his own masterpiece. This burning thing became the sun and he cast it into the sky with his own hands.”

Aark, the God of Fire and patron to Dwarves and Craftsmen.

Titles: Lightthrower, The Great Craftsman, Heaven’s Artisan, Sunmaker, Aark Burningbeard, God of Light.

Scope: Lord of fire, light, sunlight, crafts, artisans, construction, labor and smiths

Aark is the stubborn and traditional patron of all Dwarven nations. His light guides their way in the dark, his fires light their forges so that they may change what they see into something greater. His archclergy advise the heads of Dwarven society and his lifestyle is the model of living for every dwarf. He is said to live isolated on mount Celestia, improving his palace rather than expanding it, thus so too do the dwarves only expand when they must. He is said to spend as much of his time and resources creating and improving as he can, so too do the dwarves. His stubborn pride in himself and his works are mirrored by most every dwarf. He is the paragon of Dwarven thinking and living. Dispite living alone and never taking on servants he is a very social deity, inviting all the heavens to bask in the wonder of his creations.

Aark is consumed with creating and is attested for having made the sun and cast it into the sky. This tale inspired a bronze statue in Heliopolis, depicting a strong set dwarf with a burning beard hoisting the sun onto his back. This is one of the most famous depictions of Aark in the world.

Aark’s followers are talented craftsmen and artisans, adorning themselves with fine adornments of iron and steel in intricate designs to show off their own ability with their hands. His clergy crafts using magic, building weapons and buildings of unmatched beauty and strength. They express themselves in their work, being otherwise fairly sombre and pious outside of their creations. His clerics fall under the Light or War Domains.

He is one of the Gods who takes an active role in the Commune.


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